Conservatory of Flowers

Set in a landmark building — the oldest public wood-and-glass conservatory in North America — the Conservatory of Flowers inspires awe and fascination with its rare and exotic plant collection.

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Open Thursday – Tuesday, 10am – 4:30pm
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Conservatory Light Show

Enjoy our winter light show, Photosynthesis, beginning 30 minutes after sunset every night. The show is free to the public and is about 30 minutes long. We invite you to bring a picnic to set up on our front lawns as the sun sets. The light show will transform the building into a canvas for colorful light art installed by Lumigeek accompanied by new music composed by Tim Digulla.



Common Name

Tulip Orchid

The Anguloa orchid is commonly known as a tulip orchid because of the way the leaves resemble tulip leaves when they emerge from…

Dendrobium Smillieae

Common Name

Bottlebrush Orchid

Dendrobium smillieae is a robust orchid that is found in Queensland Australia and New Guinea. They grow epiphytically on tree limbs…


Common Name

Kite Orchid

Masdevallia is a genus of 350 cool growing orchid species. They are best known for their unusual triangle-shaped flowers made…

Areca Vestiaria

Common Name

Sunset Palm

This palm varies from a red crown shaft with maroon leaves, to an orange version with green leaves, and everything in between…

Crescentia Cujete

Common Name

Calabash Tree

Crescentia cujete, more commonly known as the calabash tree, has been cultivated throughout tropical Central and South America since…

Heliconia Psittacorum

Common Name

False Bird-of-Paradise

Heliconia is a genus of flowering tropical plants with approximately 225 species. The majority of Heliconia species are native to tropical…

Adenium Obesum

Common Name

Desert Rose

This beautiful plant is native to regions ranging from West Tropical Africa to the Arabian Peninsula. Adeniums are appreciated…


Common Name

Sun Pitchers

Heliamphora is a genus of approximately 18 carnivorous plant species. Plants of this genus are endemic to Venezuela, Guyana…

Pachystachys Lutea

Common Name

Lollipop Plant

Pachystachys lutea is a popular landscape plant in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. The plant’s long-throated, short-lived…

Huperzia Squarrosa

Common Name

Tassel Fern

Plants in this genus were once a part of the genus Lycopodium from which they differ by not having specialized spore-bearing cones…

Microsorum musifolium

Common Name

Crocodile Fern

Microsorum musifolium is especially noteworthy for the texture of the leaves, the Crocodile Fern comes from the Malaysian…


Common Name

Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns have two types of fronds, basal and fertile. The sterile, oval-shaped, basal fronds not only help the plant adhere…

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