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No wheeled vehicles are allowed (except for wheelchairs and strollers in the Botanical Garden, and wheelchairs in the Conservatory and the Japanese Tea Garden).

You may walk your bike, scooter, or skateboard through San Francisco Botanical Garden, but no riding is allowed.

Strollers are not allowed inside the Conservatory of Flowers and may be parked outside the Conservatory on the grass.

Strollers are not recommended in the Japanese Tea Garden due to narrow pathways and bridges throughout the garden.

Strollers are welcome in San Francisco Botanical Garden, which has paths that are well-designed to accommodate them.


The Conservatory of Flowers is wheelchair accessible for both motorized and non-motorized chairs. We also have two non-motorized wheelchairs in the ticket booth, which visitors may use (*at their own risk) on a first-come, first-served basis. Handicap-accessible parking spots are available on Nancy Pelosi Drive and Bowling Green Drive.

The Japanese Tea Garden has limited wheelchair-accessible pathways. Handicap-accessible parking spots are available in the Bandshell All-Accessible Lot and along Martin Luther King Drive.

San Francisco Botanical Garden has accessible pathways throughout the garden and our ADA-accessible restroom is located next to the North Gate. We have a limited number of wheelchairs to lend on a first come first serve basis. Handicap-accessible parking spots are available in the Bandshell All-Accessible Lot and along Martin Luther King Drive.

The Golden Gate Park Shuttle is a free shuttle that stops on John F. Kennedy Drive in front of the Conservatory and offers access to the eastern half of Golden Gate Park with stops along JFK Drive, at the Music Concourse near the Japanese Tea Garden and SF Botanical Garden. The shuttle operates 7 days per week, on Monday to Friday from 12 noon to 6:00 pm, and Saturday, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Learn more about the shuttle and access to Golden Gate Park here.

Find out the best way to get to the Gardens.

No. Pets are not allowed in the Gardens.

No outside food or drinks are allowed in the Conservatory of Flowers, but you are welcome to picnic on the lawns in front of the Conservatory.

We also invite you to visit the Tea House inside the Japanese Tea Garden for a meditative cup of tea and popular Japanese refreshments. No outside food or drinks are allowed inside the Japanese Tea Garden.

You may bring your own food and beverages to San Francisco Botanical Garden. We allow picnics with up to 10 people without catering, furniture, or entertainment. Unfortunately, the Garden does not have the amenities or custodial services to accommodate large informal gatherings. If your group has more than 10 people, use this link to reserve a picnic area in Golden Gate Park and around SF through SF Rec & Park.


No. Feeding wildlife is strictly prohibited for the safety of visitors and wildlife.

No. Smoking is not allowed at any of the Gardens.

No. Please avoid picking or stepping on plants.

No. Please respect the trees and avoid climbing them.

No, please do not play sports or bring sporting equipment into the Gardens.

No camping is allowed in the Gardens.

Yes. Please collect any waste you create and properly dispose of it. There are limited bins available for visitors throughout the Gardens. No littering is allowed in the Gardens.

The Gardens are available for photography and filming. A permit through San Francisco Recreation and Parks is required for exterior commercial shoots, and large non-commercial shoots depending on the scope of the production. Commercial photography or filming is any photography or filming that will be used for commercial purposes, or for which the photographer or crew is being paid.

Conservatory of Flowers & Japanese Tea Garden:

For daytime interior shoots with a maximum of five people (including the photographer), a permit is not required. See General Photography Rules.

For afterhours film or photo shoots inside the Conservatory of Flowers please submit your request here for information and pricing. A rental agreement through the Gardens of Golden Gate Park is required.

To obtain a permit for the Conservatory Valley or any other areas in Golden Gate Park, please contact San Francisco Rec and Park at (415) 831-5500 or on their website.

General Photography Rules

As the Gardens are open to the general public and have narrow pathways, we have the following rules for daytime photography:

  1. No tripods or free-standing equipment allowed in the Conservatory of Flowers, but allowed in the Botanical Garden and Japanese Tea Garden
  2. All bags or equipment must remain on a person in your party at all times
  3. No music or amplified sound
  4. Bags or equipment cannot be left in pathways or on benches for any period of time
  5. Shoes must be worn at all times
  6. No nudity or lewd activity or behavior
  7. No movement of plants or Gardens property allowed
  8. No holding of crowd or prevention of other guests to roam freely

Yes! The Conservatory of Flowers and San Francisco Botanical Garden currently offer rentals for a wide range of events— whether you’re booking a corporate event, hosting a cocktail party, planning your wedding, or planning your anniversary party, the Gardens are some of the most unique historical sites in the Bay Area. Learn more on Private Events page.

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