Cherry Blossoms at the Japanese Tea Garden

When we see cherry blossoms, we know spring has arrived in San Francisco!

Cherry blossoms, also known as ‘sakura‘, are a very special flower to the people and country of Japan (as well as many more people around the world).

In Japan, people like to gather with friends, family, and colleagues for cherry blossom parties. This custom is called ‘hanami‘, which translates to “watching blossoms” and it can be traced back about a thousand years to the Heian Period (794–1185).

The cherry blossoms are said to be like clouds – they bloom all at once, enveloping the tops of trees in a beautiful mist – and then just like clouds, they suddenly disappear.

1 to 2 weeks

The average time the cherry blossom bloom lasts.

While the blossoms announce the arrival of spring and a season of renewal, their short-lived bloom has also come to symbolize the ephemerality of life. 
This symbolism reflects “mono no aware,” a Buddhist concept in Japanese culture that recognizes both the inherent beauty and mortality in life.

Cherry blossoms only last for a week or two, so as soon as the bloom begins, be sure to ask your family and friends, “It’s sakura season! Do you want to go hanami?” 

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