Stories from the Gardens

Curator’s Corner – Myrmecodia spp.

Ant-plants, native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Australia, have a unique relationship with the six-legged insects that give this group their name.

Family Friendly

Garden Camp is back for an exciting summer of outdoor fun and learning!

Garden Camp connects children to plants and each other through structured activities and unstructured play, all amidst plants from around the world. We strive to enrich the “whole child” and develop a deep appreciation for plants, comfort with outdoor learning, and a lifelong love for the Gardens of Golden Gate Park.

Curator’s Corner – Dracula spp.

The genus Dracula represents over 100 species, with a natural habitat ranging from Mexico down to Peru.


Curator’s Corner – Japanese lantern (Hibiscus schizopetalus)

This vividly colorful plant, which is native to East Africa, blooms intermittently in the Aquatic Plants Gallery of the Conservatory of Flowers.

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